Powder Coated Architectural Metal Panels Sound Insulation Corrugated Aluminum Sheet


Powder Coated Architectural Metal Panels Sound Insulation Corrugated Aluminum Sheet


The Product Description:


Corrugated perforated metal is the newest and most exciting product in our market today. It’s an invention marrying the corrugated & decking style panels we offer with a perforated sheet.


They had a finished product that couldn’t be matched by any other supplier. Basically, our process when making the corrugated and perforated style panel is to take the traditional perforated sheet, in any of the materials we stock, such as a plain steel, aluminum, stainless steel, either pre-painted or powder-coated, and pre-galvanized or galvanized after perforating.


Architects, engineers and design professionals often choose architectural perforated metal for their building projects. Architectural perforated metal is known for its remarkable versatility, as it can be used for efficient filtering of a broad range of solid materials. It also has the ability to diffuse light and air. Most importantly from an architect’s perspective, architectural perforated sheet metal can provide the aesthetic appeal that is essential when the appearance of a product is paramount.


Advantages of perforated corrugated metal panels:


  • Virtually endless choice of hole sizes, shapes and patterns
  • Multiple corrugation patterns/profiles available
  • Choice of materials, colors, finishes and protective coatings
  • Customization available to meet your creative designs
  • Environmentally responsible materials
  • LEED credit(s) may be earned with corrugated metal panels
  • Expert design and engineering assistance available
  • Easy installation and maintenance




Material Stainless Steel plate, High or Low carbon Steel Plate, Galvanized Plate, Zinc Plate, Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Alloy Plate, Mg-Al Plate etc.
Length Max 10ft
Thickness 0.3mm – 1.0mm
Hole patterns Round hole
Color White, red, blue, gray,green,so on
Width 780mm, 840mm, 900mm, 910mm


About Powder Coating:


Powder Coating is an electrostatic process for applying a dry, powdered material such as polyester, polyurethane or epoxy. The piece is then heat-cured to flow the material together and create the final finish. Powder coating is generally thicker and more durable than paint, although the cost can be somewhat higher depending on the project. A broad selection of colors is available.


Large sheets and coils, corrugated pieces, finished components and even special designs – Accurate Perforating can apply virtually any finish to perforated part, as long as we determine that the finish is appropriate for the material. Contact us to discuss your finishing ideas and questions.


Applications :

• Screens
• Guards
• Diffusers
• Privacy panels
• Facades
• In-fill panels
• Trash receptacles
• Benches
• Drain covers


Our Service:


-- Free quotes

-- Emergency service – available 24 hours / 7 days

-- Flexible perforated metal solutions to meet individual requirements

-- Speedy and professional installation

-- Highest quality materials

-- All industry registrations in place for work on building site


About us more:


This dramatic style of panel is something that we here at Wannuo Wire Mesh can offer that many other companies haven’t even yet attempted. Since we started offering the corrugated and perforated sheets, we have worked with many architects and designers who have used us for their original projects and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.


We encourage you to explore the many design options that come of making your own corrugated & perforated panel on this site. Here at Wannuo Wire Mesh we will be happy to help you with guidance in making your next project an original design and the envy of all.


Then, we will roll form or bend the perforated sheets into whatever profile or decking style panel you choose. The options in this particular option are almost limitless as far as the perforated hole patterns and styles.

Powder Coated Architectural Metal Panels Sound Insulation Corrugated Aluminum Sheet


Architectural Perforated Metal

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